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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  October 2, 2014 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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host: "new york times" reports the health and human service is is in talks to increase production of action per mental drug to be used to treat those with ebola. marines have positioned a force of 2300 troops in kuwait to deal with security crisis in the middle east, saying this deployment was planned for before the u.s. led attack. the next head of the secret service may come from outside the agency's walls.
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.. we want to hear from you about social issues and how you'll vote in november. whether it be abortion, gay marriage, marijuana, issues that influence the candidate of your choice on election day. and if they're important to you call us, and let us know. here is how you can reach out to us. .. if you want to tell us your social issue, if they may be important to you, it's at c-span wj at twitter, is our facebook page. you can e-mail us at the pew research center did a poll of potential voters, asking them to rank their importance of issues when it comes to election day. if you look at the top three, it's the economy, it's health
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care, and issues of terrorism is how they ranked those type of issues. if you go to the bottom three, however, then it kind of deals with the social issues that we're asking you to comment on this morning and how they are of importance to those who participate in the poll. abortion was 47% of those responding, birth control issues, issues 36%, and gay marriage issues 32%. again, this poll was conducted in early september and talks about other things, but talks about the social issues that might be of importance to those voters come november. there is a piece also if you go to the web site, this is called social outcast, and it talks about the debates you may have been seeing not only on c-span but other places, and if social issues are becoming a topic on those debates. this is the piece by william salitan.
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this was from july 26th, democratic senator mark warner. moderator asked them about same-sex marriage. gillespie said it's not my role to lodge is late it because i believe the appropriate venue is the state. go to north carolina. on november 3 -- september third, this is the debate between democratic senator kay hagan and republican challenger thom tillis. .. tillis repositioned himself, i first believe that contraception should be available probably more broadly than it is. he cites that hobby lobby claiming it was not about contraception and said the pill should be available over the counter. hagan pressed the issue, saying
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she disagreed with the hobby lobby decision. those are some of the issues being debated. you can see these on c-span. but when it comes to social issues that you may have when it comes to people and how you vote in november, here is your chance to tell us if they're important to you or not, and maybe highlight those issues if they are. (202) 585-3881 for republicans. (202) 585-3880 for democrats. for independents, and we'll take those calls in just a moment. when it comes to the topic of abortion being one of those issue, again you can see if you go to our campaign 2014 web site, we have listed all the debates that we've taken in and highlighted them for you. there it is on your screen. it was one of those topics that came up tuesday night. this was the texas governor's debate between greg abbott and his democratic challenger wendy
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davis. here is a little bit of the exchange. >> i'm pro-life. and i'm catholic, and i want to promote a culture of life that supports both the health and safety of both the mother and child, both before and after birth. in texas let's be clear about the law. and that is, the woman has five months to make a very difficult decision. >> thank you very much senator davis. >> you catapulted into the spotlight on this issue with your filibuster against abortion restrictions but you recently told the editorial board of the dallas morning news you might not have filibustered if the -- with allowances for rape and incest. what kind of abortion restrictions are you willing to accept? >> i have always believed, brian, that it is for a woman and a woman guided by her faith and her family and her doctor to
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make these very difficult decisions for themselves. i do not believe that the government should intrude in that most personal and private of decision making. host: if you want the see that full debate go to our campaign 2014 web site, social issues and if they'll influence your vote. independent line. >> caller: thanks for taking my call. on social issues, what would determine my vote would be immigration, how people stand. also, these college students coming out with large loans and no experience, try to address that issue more. and finally, the thought i had was the rules of war that we're going through. can we fight for some countries and not others?
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can we control certain areas? what are the rules of war? if someone could explain what's going on with our social issues is what i'm looking for more. i'm trying to. host: why would you categorize war, immigration as social issues? >> caller: i'm sorry. host: go ahead. >> caller: everything seems to be along rights and freedom being taken away ..
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a new person trying to do something somewhere, and they'll mention stories like that and turn around and mention about brad pitt or angelina jolie. i wanted to ask about these fema camps that they've been talking about popping up due to obamacare, and what we're supposed to be receiving as far as obamacare. host: we're dealing with social issues. memphis tennessee, independent line, go ahead. caller: hello. i just wanted to -- i'm not sure
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how to say this, promote the legalization of marijuana in this country. my feelings of it is that it should bring in tax dollars, because there are a lot of dollars being spent, and anyone knows this. most people know this. this is going on. and trying to prohibit it is costing tax dollars, not bringing in tax dollars. and that's my opinion of it. host: before you go, so you see marijuana legalization as totally an economic issue as far as tax dollars are concerned? what about social -- are you concerned about more people using it, how it might affect them on the jobs or elsewhere? do those cross your mind? caller: they have. i would just hope that adults
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would be responsible enough to use it socially not during work time, that sort of thing. >> has tennessee deal with this issue at all as far as legalization of medical marijuana or recreational use, has that been a top you can or anybody trying to push that in tennessee? caller: not that i heard. i know in mississippi they have, talking about letting it be legal to be grown in mississippi and distributed how they feel that it should be distributed. but that to me would not bring in tax dollars that way. so my mind is that there's a lot of tax dollars there to be brought in to the local economy and different economies. host: that's paulette.
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this is angelo, washington, d.c., democrat's line. good morning. caller: good morning, sir. they need to talk more about african-american issues that typically police brutality towards african males. none of these politicians speak on that. speaking of the presidential election, if hillary clinton thinks she has the shoe in to be the democratic nominee, unless she starts speaking towards african-american issues, police brutality it is a tragedy how america is not speaking out against this and probably because of the -- you know, the fear from america as a whole towards the black male that this is just not looked at as a tragedy, it's so many african-american families in such fear of being -- their children being killed because of police being either overly
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afraid or even racist, and i think that politicians need to stop being afraid to speak against that and the black american needs to make sure that the candidate that they choose is going to be adhering to their issues. host: before i let you go when it comes to these things, we talked about gay marriage, do those go on your radar when you vote for people? caller: absolutely. as far as abortion is concerned, i'm against abortion, but i'm also for pro-choice. so i'm at the lower half of that. i don't try to make people's minds up for them. i think the law -- it should be between god and that rid. host: from jamal in missouri, democrat's line, hello. caller: yeah, i agree with the previous caller. .. me personally, i'm not for abortion, but that's my personal choice. if someone else wants to do that let them do it.
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.. i vote democrats on social issues. on the republican side you have senator rand paul coming out and speaking out on behalf of african-americans, all the stuff that happened ferguson. he was speaking way before the ferguson incident about hispanics being pulled over by police at higher rate than whites. we're all in this together. but in terms of republican side, rand paul is definitely -- host: you wouldn't categorize yourself as a single issue type of voter when it comes to social issues, you'll vote on it? caller: several things, economy, but in terms of social issues, yeah, i feel like it does play probably 40% of -- on how i vote because i feel like economics, if you want to succeed in life in terms of money and stuff, that's on you.
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social issues, you know, plants and vegetables, yeah, i tend to vote more democrat on that. host: the declares morning news on its headline taking a look at the headline saying findings and fall out, investigating of this gentleman that was treated at texas hospital, now diagnosed with ebola just to show you the front page there. it talks about what u.s. officials are doing when it comes to the situation in west africa.
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that's in "the new york times." social issues, and if they affect your vote this coming november, that's what we want to hear from you. here is allen, independent line, stanley, virginia. caller: good morning. thanks for taking my call. i have a comment to make about the three things, abortion, immigration, and gay marriage. as far as abortion, every child has a right to live. that's a god given thing, and we need to remember that. second thing, gay marriage. marriage should be between a man and a woman, period, no discussion. even though the courts is changing everything the majority of the people voted on. third, immigration. if people will comply with the laws of the land, i don't have
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an issue of that and i don't think any american would. but it's just gone ballistic. there is no control of anything it seems like in immigration. so i hope the politicians will get their heads screwed on right and start fixing some of thse problems. host: allen, for those three things you listed, when you go to vote for somebody, are those the three categories you look at the most of whether you'll vote for that person or not? caller: well, all of those things outlined is very important. these are some on the top of the list but there are a lot of things on there. the economy, obamacare, all these things, you have to consider in the process. and a lot of them are very legitimate points. at the top of the agenda that's mine. and all of them are very important. host: catherine is up next from bowling brook, illinois, democrats line. caller: good morning. my big social issue is with
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health care, and i know obamacare is changing a lot. but with ebola, when -- and when you go into the emergency room, one of the first things they ask you is not how sick you are, but can you pay. my son lives and works in the check republic. he came home on the 18th of september. three days later he was traveling to wyoming and he got severe diarrhea. the doctor -- he called up the local clinic and they said i want you to come in. and one of the first things they asked him is can you pay? fortunately, the doctor diagnosed it right. they didn't do any tests, because it would cost too much. and i believe with this ebola case, they missed it because the guy -- his health insurance probably covered him in liberia but not in the states. so when he went into the
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emergency room, they basically said, take two aspirin and call me in the morning. host: health care is a decision that you'll vote on depending on -- kind of categorizes how you'll vote in november, those who support health care? caller: it will. i actually think that the health care has to change. you can't be treated based upon whether you have even obamacare, it helps, but the hospitals have to stop being mindful of how much money do you have to spend here in america. host: some people listing health care as an issue, some listing police brutality, one person listing medical marijuana. those could be your issues when it comes to voting. you may have others but here is how you can let us know what they are. (202) 585-3881 for republicans. (202) 585-3880 for democrats and for independents (202 (202) 585.
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because of that, leading up to election day a couple ads out on is, from the people united for medical marijuana, it supports it. it's called "it worked." here is the ad. >> voting yes on two will allow doctors to recommend the medicine three feel will ease the pain and suffering of thousands. only for debilitating conditions and diseases such as cancer and ms, 23 states now keep government and politicians out of the doctor patient relationship. and it's worked. vote yes on two and trust our doctors to do what's best. host: let's here from gina from mississippi, republican line. hi. caller: of course, all these issues are so important, but i
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think that the economy is the major issue. hello? host: you're on. go ahead. caller: i'm sorry. i think the economy is the big picture. i think we need to be able to focus on how all of these issues are going to affect our economy, because i work in the health care industry in the clerical portion of it, and i can tell you right now that no way, no how do we have sufficient staff to be able to handle all the red tape that's required just to sign up to be a provider for these insurances. and now we have people coming in to the hospital, the emergency room, and everything with these insurances, and the doctors are not going to get paid because we're not credentialed for any of these insurances. it is so much red tape that the average person doesn't even realize. and i believe the -- this ebola
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problem is going to really be our major problem because i don't understand why these people who go to africa or come back from africa cannot be quarantined and stopped at the border because i think this has the potential to crash our economy, because people are going to be afraid to go out of their house, to go in the store, to buy anything. it's really terrible. and i believe that this person had a suspicion he was sick, and he came to america so he could get health care. host: "the new york times" takes a look at air travel and how it deals with those who are sick onboard, this is matthew walden writing that historically the airlines have been most concerned with passengers who are sick so they might force a flight to divert. the airlines are authorized to stop sick passengers from getting on planes but not required to do so. under department of transportation rules the united states and foreign carriers flying to this country cannot
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exclude a passenger simply because a traveler has a disease but can do so if the disease poses a direct threat. guidance issued by the department says if the disease is serious it constitutes such a threat it cites sars and that about your cue closes as examples. herbert is from georgia, democrat line, hello. caller: hello. how you doing? i got no problem with me, because i'm not going to vote republican anyway, being a black individual, rush limbaugh, voting republican is not serving my best interests. host: what do you think about those? caller: and like i'm saying, abortion, same-sex marriage, isis, they believe in those same issues, too. they don't believe in issue, in same-sex marriage, they don't
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believe in gays. and look how we are fighting them. those republicans, what you call them? conservative isis people? if we vote republicans as a black individual we going to be in a world trouble in america. host: california, independent line. caller: yes. hello. host: you're on. caller: thanks for taking my call. basically i'm independent and it really concerns me about how the -- actually like what the last caller was saying as far as the republicans. now i'm a black man, as well, but i do have a lot of views as republicans. but by the republican party being so contradicted and hypocritical of their own policies and the way they flip-flop is amazing. host: do those views include
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social type of issues? caller: let me give you an example. host: okay. caller: for example, gays. now that's not -- a gay woman or gay man is not affecting my life in no shape or form. i'm going to do what i'm going to do with the lady of my choice. and as long as the gay lady or the gay woman is not interfering with my livelihood, you know, more power to them. they can, you know, do whatever they want. but i do respect the marriage, the marriage thing, because the marriage thing it was -- it was basically started on a religious aspect. so but that should not carry over into interfering with what gay people want to do. host: if a candidate supported gay marriage that wouldn't cause you to vote against them? caller: it wouldn't affect me at all. host: red oak, iowa, rob by,
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hello. caller: hello, pedro. my comment is on marijuana. we used to -- we had prohibition against alcohol, didn't we. and when we did that, we got the gangs and mobsters, and all that kind of crap. well let's treat marijuana like we did alcohol. when it comes out of prohibition because after all, people using alcohol kill more people than people using marijuana do. and as far as that goes, cars kill more people than guns do so let's get rid of everything that's dangerous to people until people learn responsibility for their own actions. that's what's lacking in america, responsibility for your own actions. host: so when it comes to november and you pull a lever for somebody, so to speak, do you take into consideration social issues at all? caller: well, yes, i do, because
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you know something, it's our congress that has gotten this country in the shape it's in. like the -- like the citizens now that don't want responsibility, our congress people they want their power and their money but they don't want the responsibility that goes with it to uphold the constitution. the city, the county, the state and the federal laws. host: social issues, how they will affect your vote in 2014. (202) 585-3881s fo for repair n. you heard the viewer, talk about marijuana. you saw the ad out of florida supportive of medical marijuana. here is the opposing ad. here it is. >> amendment two isn't for the team, it's caregiver provision gives legal protection to marijuana dealers, even felons and drug dealers could be
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caregivers. amendment two caregivers don't need background checks or medical training. so what looks like a safeguard is really a loophole. amendment two caregivers can't be arrested or sued if they hurt swufnlt they don't call it the drug dealer protection act but they should. vote no amendment two. host: the headline, there is a new poll from the associated press talking about issues when it comes to people and how they'll vote. just to show you the headline, the economy is top voter concern in the midterms. it did list some social issues, maybe social issues are something you pay attention to. if so, if not give us a chance to talk to you about it. and there are the lines on on the screen. hannah, democrats line, hello. caller: hi. my comment is the way i see it, one group represents the
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people's issues and is really concerned about them in a way having less government because they want them to have their freedom, and the other group is controlled by -- through what the corporations want. my social issue would be i wasn't my freedom, i want to be able to think and do as i please and in one nation under god. i see them as way more unrealistic, and they don't slander other people, and it's terrible the way they talk about liberal sometimes almost in a threatening way, and i'm concerned about the future. that's one good -- the best thing about it. no matter what happens god is in charge and he knows what is going to go down. host: this is james, independent line, good morning. james, good morning. go ahead. caller: yeah, how you doing?
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host: fine, thank you. keep going. you have to stop listening to the tv and just talk on the phone, sir. go ahead. caller: i'm not james. i just called. host: a pl gees. go ahead. we'll put this person on hold. we will go to richard and richard is from jacksonville, florida, independent line. caller: good morning, pedro. and yes, social issues are going to make a difference in my vote. my issues are voter suppression, the medical marijuana issue, and the economy. and i can't vote for anybody that's going to try to suppress people's vote, it's going crazy down here in florida. they're closing polling booths all over the place and the governor saying he has nothing to do with it. that's my main issue is voter suppression and it's going crazy in this country. host: you mentioned medical marijuana. you're from florida. talk to us about this amendment two that's on the ballot and
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where do you stand on it. caller: right now i'm in severe pain, totally disabled and i've been seeing the aim doctor for 15 years and that doctor said she herself has investigated this and she has patients that she says she will automatically give them a prescription. come on, i got friends of mine that they got on oxycontin. these people are zombies. .. but if they go out and smoke a joint or get medical marijuana, which a bunch of them have gone to colorado and got it, they come become and stop taking their drugs. the doctors are amazed. my doctor was amazed. these prescription pills are killing people. and there's a certain part of this society that is saying no, no, no, but the doctors -- come on, even the one doctor on cnn was against it forever and now he's the one standing there going wait a minute, this can help people if you do


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